O.E.M. Straps

We take great pride in our design expertise and share this by suggesting more cost effective ways to manufacture straps that may be neater in design with no compromise of functionality or performance.

Webbing, hardware and straps are designed to meet the unique requirements of each specific application, and performance characteristics are validated through in-house testing.  Simply send us a drawing or sample of the strap you have in mind and we will respond with prototype samples and recommendations.  All OEM straps are defined on drawings showing materials, dimensions with tolerances, strap configuration, and any special testing or performance requirements. Customers approve all drawings prior to production.

Images not to scale.

Battery Strap OEM OEM Lanyard Strap OEM chincing strap
Battery Strap Lanyard Assembly Cinching Strap
 OEM straps OEM shoulder strap  OEM hook and loop strap
Polyester Cam-Strap Shoulder Strap Mail-Bag Hook and Loop Assembly